Household Item Cleaning

Refresh Your Home with Kean’s Household Item Cleaning Service

Everyone knows the importance of wearing clean clothes and keeping a clean home. However, what tends to be left behind in the cleaning process are our comforters, bed spreads, pillow shams, and sheets. Due to their size, most of these items need to be washed one at a time, which can waste a lot of time. For household items that need a good clean, bring them to Kean’s.

We have machines large enough for those items, and our timely cleaning can extend the life, luster, and appearance of your special bedroom pieces.

We Specialize in Household Item Cleanings

Bring your household items to Kean’s for a professional cleaning. Our expert cleaners will effectively clean your household items without ruining the color or material. With over 100 years of experience, we are confident your items will look cleaner and feel more refreshed than before.


From duvets to bed skirts, we can wash your whole bed set or just one piece. Your bedding will be cleaned, fluffed, folded, and packaged in a cedar bag for storage.


Pillows serve different purposes. Some provide us comfort as we sleep while others are for decorative purposes. No matter the type of pillow, we wash it, sanitize it, and remove any blemishes.

Sleeping Bags

Even your sleeping bags need a little extra care from time to time. We clean and fluff your sleeping bag to restore it to its original look and feel.

Bring Your Pillows in for a “Pillow Health Checkup”

Is your favorite pillow feeling a bit lacking these days? Bring it to Kean’s. Our feather pillow refurbishment service gives new life to pillows, making them fuller, fluffier, and more comfortable than ever.

When you bring your pillow to Kean’s for a checkup, we:

  • Inspect pillow casing for rips, stains, or other problems
  • Mend casing where possible
  • Remove stains
  • Clean, fluff, and sanitize feathers
  • Re-seal pillow and wrap in plastic packaging

Pillows of all types are accepted for refurbishment at all Kean’s Fine Dry Cleaning locations.

Bring Your Specialty Items to Kean’s Today

When you make Kean’s a household ally, your home will never look better. Take advantage of this great range of services by bringing your items in to any of our locations or contact us about feather pillow refurbishment.