Wash Before Wearing - Keans

Dear Loyal Customer,
Like most businesses, we have been receiving questions regarding our cleaning process – and the effectiveness regarding Coronavirus.

Our dry-cleaning technology process destroys all forms of viral life. The chemistry of the solvents together with the heat of the drying cycle provide double power in killing any trace of viral organisms. Along with our cleaning process, all staff members are taking preventative measures to keep both you and our whole team safe during this time.

We want to emphasize our home delivery service is available in many areas of the city, which would minimize exposure outside of your home while still receiving quality clothing care and cleaning of household linens. To see if we offer home delivery in your area, contact us here.

We realize this is a challenging time for everyone and we remain committed to the well-being of our customers, employees and local communities.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact our corporate office
(225) 927-8652 or send us a message here.

Wash Before Wearing

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Wash before wearing.

New clothing comes with more than just a new look. Almost all fabric is treated with a cocktail of chemicals that can cause irritation. Clothes are treated with preservatives to prevent mold or mildew during shipping. Formaldehyde resins, dyes and chemicals used in manufacturing can lead to contact dermatitis, eczema outbreaks or respiratory problems from simply breathing the fumes.  Happily, laundering or cleaning removes much of the chemical residue.

Stay tuned for more useful tips from Kean’s Fine Dry Cleaning.