Why You Should Always Tailor Your Jeans

jean tailor hemming jeans with a sewing machine

You’re excited—you’ve brought home a new pair of pristine and fashionable jeans to add to your collection. But now it’s the moment of truth. You were in a bit of a hurry at the store, or maybe you decided to try ordering online, and now it’s time to finally try your new jeans on and check the fit. 

A few minutes later and some creative wriggling, and the truth starts to set in—your new perfect set of jeans isn’t quite the perfect fit for you. A little baggy here, a little tight there—just not quite right.

You may be tempted to start checking the store’s return policy, but there’s another option! 

Jean Tailoring: The Secret Weapon of the Fashion-Forward

Contrary to popular belief, tailoring is not only for suits and ball gowns. Jeans, even your everyday jeans, and especially that pair of “perfect” jeans you almost returned, can all benefit greatly from tailoring. Finding a local, trusted tailor for your jeans is a complete game changer for your wardrobe.

Getting your casual clothes, like jeans, tailored, is the secret weapon of fashionistas everywhere. Instead of trying on 100s of pairs and settling for the “good enough” ones, every pair can be the perfect fit. And jean tailoring is surprisingly quick and affordable!

perfectly tailor jeans on a woman wearing a suit jacket

Comfy and Chic

Tailoring ensures every part of your jeans is sculpted to you. When you do a consultation for a jean tailoring, you will see how much goes into the fit and feel of your pair of pants. It’s easy to see afterwards how difficult it can be to have every aspect of your jeans fit you perfectly off the shelf—from the tapering of the leg, your waist width, to the length of your jeans and where they break against your no doubt stylish shoes.

So what exactly can an experienced tailor do for your jeans when you bring them in? Let’s break it down. 

Jeans Too Big?

The most apparent service a tailor can provide is to trim back jeans that may be too big. There’s a difference between a nice “mom jean” and a jean that’s outright baggy and too big, and a tailor can help you split the difference.

If the waist of your jeans is too big, a tailor can bring it in for a perfect fit. By removing excess fabric, the hem itself can be resewn, shedding those extra inches while still matching the original style of your jeans. 

Moving down, there is the always important tapering of the jean leg. Nothing sinks a jean like an unintentionally oversized leg. A tailor can taper the leg, carefully removing fabric while maintaining the correct proportions. This can bring in a wayward jean leg and give you that great fitted look, whether truly “skinny jean” style or just a clean straight cut.

Another service a tailor can provide for your jeans is adjusting the rise. It’s a bit more complex than trimming a waist or bringing in a jean leg, but an experienced local jean tailor can tackle any adjustments you may need to the rise of your jeans. To do so, the area from the waist to the crotch is modified, providing a better fit. 

2 people wearing jeans in front of a brick wall. One pair is dark and skinny, one pair is light and baggy.

Jeans Too Small?

Tailors can not only bring in an oversized pair of jeans, but also give you that extra breathing space you need to elevate your jeans to not only your most stylish but your most comfortable.

The waist on jeans can be altered to be larger by the insertion of a fabric panel or even just adjusting the original material of the jeans. There just has to be enough “give” to begin with to do the latter. Don’t let that perfect pair of jeans slip away because you need some extra room around the waist.

What if you need just a bit more length in the leg? Your jean’s length can be brought down further by a skillful tailor or vice versa, to hit just the right hem break. Even when the tailor has to do a cut to trim excessive length, the hem is resewn to maintain the original style. 

Getting the Details Right 

Jean Tailoring is about more than just the obvious size and fit adjustments. A tailor that works with casual clothes can fine tune any details needed on your garment.

Whether you need a slight alteration of the rise, or for bulky knees to be slimmed down, these finishing touches on your jeans will make them perfectly yours.

A tailor can also fix, replace, or change the buttons, zippers, and even occasionally decorative stitching and beading.

close up of sewing machine working in tailoring jeans

Find Your Perfect Fit with Kean’s Jeans Tailor

Don’t let one detail—bulky leg, tight waist, or short length—get in the way of that perfect pair of jeans. Jean shopping is tricky, and having a trusted tailor is an affordable solution that gives you more peace of mind with your purchases.

At Kean’s, every alteration begins with a free consultation. Whether they’re a new pair or an old classic, bring in your jeans that need some work, and we’ll get into the details of how our team can make them fit flawlessly.

A better fit means less wear and tear on your jeans. It means comfort. And of course it means style, as the tailors at Kean’s will work to make sure you look your best in every pair of jeans.


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