Make Your Memories Last a Lifetime with Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning and Preservation

The dress you said “I do” in should last a lifetime, not slowly deteriorate in the back of your closet. With Kean’s formal gown and wedding dress dry cleaning and preservation, we make sure your gown stays just as beautiful 50 years from now as it did on the most memorable day of your life.

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Kean's Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning Process

Our expert staff carefully inspect and photograph your dress for any dirt or stains before gently cleaning it, ensuring that the color stays bright and the fabric stays damage-free. Next, we carefully press the dress, removing any wrinkles and creases. Finally, the Keans team will professionally fold your dress and delicately place it into one of our heirloom preservation boxes.

woman inspecting wedding dress during dry cleaning
man repairing wedding dress during dry cleaning

Preserving Your Wedding Dress for Generations

Kean’s uses special museum-quality heirloom boxes with acid-free tissue to ensure the long-term integrity of the gown. Best of all, Keans wedding dress preservation boxes have a window so you can always display your beautiful gown and look back on your wedding day, while keeping the dress completely safe.

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