Save Your Clothes with Expert Stain Removal from Kean’s

From coffee spills to grease, we understand the frustration of difficult stains. But with over 120 years of experience mastering dry cleaning and stain removal, the Kean’s Dry Cleaning team is able to save almost every garment, making them look as good as new! We’ve successfully saved blouses, pants, suits, dresses, and more, from almost every type of stain.

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We Have DIY Stain Methods Beat

Dry cleaning is the most effective way to dissolve grease, oil, and other deep stains that regular washing and DIY methods can’t get out. When it comes to your favorite clothes, the last thing you want to do is try to remove the stain yourself. Many home remedies can make the stain worse—or even permanent.

ink stain removal
grease stain removal

Don't Wait to Contact Our Expert Stain Removers

A small coffee stain can become deep set if you don’t act quickly. For the best outcome, call us as soon as possible, and give our team as much information about the type and size of the stain as you can.

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