Kean's is Baton Rouge’s Shirt Laundering Expert

For all of your dress shirts, khakis, and jeans, trust Kean’s to keep your wardrobe looking sharp. Our dress shirt and jean laundry services include carefully cleaning, pressing, and hanging each garment, saving you time every week.

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We Go Above and Beyond with Your Dress Shirts

We start the process by addressing stains, dedicating ample time to meticulously eliminate any imperfections before moving to the laundering of your dress shirts. Our meticulous approach ensures that white shirts remain impeccably white, and colorful shirts retain their vibrancy. Following the washing phase, these garments undergo a wet pressing procedure using our specialized machinery, resulting in the flawless, crisp appearance you expect from our laundry service.

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Finishing Touches That Save You Time

Once they’re clean, we carefully press every garment so that they’re wrinkle-free and ready to wear. Finally, we inspect every item for loose threads and missing buttons, making repairs as needed so your clothes are as good as new.

Save More Time With Kean's Delivery Route

The Kean’s team can pick up and drop off your laundry from your home, saving you the trip to one of our 6 stores. See if you’re in our delivery area: