Express Bag Service

Save Time When You Sign Up for Kean’s Express Bag Service

Kean’s is dedicated to simplifying your life and saving you time with our Express Bag Service. We clean your clothes so they look their best while saving you time with convenient drop off bags and times. Simply fill your Kean’s express bag with the clothes that you need dry cleaned and leave the details to us. This hassle-free way to drop off your clothes allows you more free time and, we ensure every smudge, splotch, or spot is removed for perfectly restored clothes.

Don’t waste another minute more worrying about your laundry. Let us handle it with our express bag service, so you can take your kids to the park or get to work on time.

VIP Express Bag

When you sign up for the VIP Express Bag, you get the fastest service possible. With the VIP Express Bag, we automatically bill your credit card when your garments are cleaned so you can be in and out of Kean’s in less than one minute. We even offer car service at four of our locations and ATM laundry deposit chutes that you can use at any time of the day. With the VIP Express bag, you never have to wait in line to pay for or drop off your laundry. Enjoy your day to the fullest with convenient express dry cleaning.

Standard Express Bag

Our Standard Express Bag offers the same service as the VIP Express bag without automatically billing your credit card. You can still use our ATM drop off chutes and our car service. With the Standard Express Bag, you pay for your dry cleaning when you pick it up instead of having payment expedited before pick up time.