Wedding Dress Preservation

Protect Your Dress with Kean’s Wedding Dress Preservation Service

Save the beautiful gown you wore on that very special day with Kean’s wedding dress preservation service. Whether your wedding dress is vintage, revamped, or brand new, we can ensure that your dress will look as dazzling as it did on the most memorable day of your life. When you choose Kean’s, we will professionally clean and press your wedding dress. From there, we carefully fold, box, and then seal the dress so that it is preserved for many years to come.

Our Wedding Dress Cleaning Process

  • Our specially trained staff carefully and thoroughly inspects your wedding dress for any stains or defects.
  • Our Kean’s cleaning professionals then gently clean the gown, ensuring that the color remains bright and the fabric stays damage-free.
  • Once your dress is cleaned, we iron your dress, paying very close attention to detail. After all, no one wants their special wedding gown to be left with creases and wrinkles.
  • Finally, we professionally fold your dress and delicately place it into one of our special wedding dress preservation boxes.

We Ensure Your Gown Will Be Safe in Our Preservation Box

See the difference Kean’s can make when it comes to preserving your wedding dress. We use a special, museum-quality heirloom box with acid-free tissue to ensure the long-term integrity of the gown. Best of all, your dress is never just “stuffed in the back of the closet.” When you come to Kean’s, our wedding dress preservation boxes have a window so that you can always look at the front of that beautiful gown whenever you want while it remains safe.

If Your Wedding Dress Is Reused in 5 Years, We Will Preserve It Again for Free

If you reuse your gown within five years, we will re-clean the gown with no cost to you. Simply bring us your wedding dress in its original box, and we will make sure your dress is carefully cleaned, ironed, and folded safely back into the box.

For All Your Wedding Dress Preservation Needs, Visit a Kean’s Near You

While you may not be able to re-live that magical day, you can preserve an important piece – your wedding dress. For professional wedding dress preservations in Baton Rouge that you can trust, visit one of our Kean’s Fine Dry Cleaning locations today.