Why Dry Clean

Why You Should Dry Clean Your Clothes

Over the years, we have seen a change in how people take care of clothes. With the do-it-yourself and at home remedies out there for clothes, people see less of a need to bring their clothes to a dry cleaners. Clothes are being treated as science experiments instead of being handled with the expert level of care they require. At Kean’s, we treat your clothes how they should: with professional care and great attention to detail.

With over 100 years in the dry-cleaning business, we know exactly how to clean your clothes without staining, tearing, or fading the fabric. In our experience, dry cleaning is the safest way to ensure your clothing does not get discolored or ruined.

What Should Go to the Dry Cleaners?

Dry cleaning is a great way to make your clothes look brand new and keep them in good condition for longer. On the other hand, dry cleaning every garment you own can result in quite a hefty bill. As a general rule of thumb, we recommend that any garment that is expensive or special to you should be cleaned by a professional.

If you’re debating whether you should dry clean or not, the questions you should ask are: the questions you should ask if you’re debating whether you should dry clean or not are:

  • Is the garment made or lined with leather, suede, or wool?
  • Is it made with silk, rayon, linen, or chiffon?
  • Is the garment a suit?
  • Does the garment have embellishments such as sequins, beads, studs, etc?
  • Are there spots/stains that won’t fully come out?
  • Is your skirt, pant, or dress pleated?
  • Is the garment special and you don’t want it to get ruined?

Always Check for the “Dry-Clean Only” Label

Before throwing your clothes into the washer, always read the instructions on the label. One quick read could mean the difference between wearable and disposable. If the garment says “Dry Clean Recommended” or “Dry Clean Only,” it is best to follow the instructions. Manufacturers want to minimize any risk of fading, loosening of embellishments, or tattering of seams by recommending your garment be cleaned by a professional.

Have Any Questions? Reach Out to Kean’s Today

For all your dry-cleaning questions or concerns, we’d be happy to talk to you. We want you to feel confident in the clothes you wear and the dry-cleaning services we provide.